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Materials and technologies for Emma's popular products


Airgocell ® Memory Foam - Hybrid breathable gel

It can quickly evaporate the sweat produced by the human body during sleep, effectively reduce the accumulation of heat, and let the body stay in a deep sleep state for a long time. Emma's Original Classic Memory Foam mattress and Hybrid freestanding tube mattress use this German-developed technology!


AeroFlex® technology

Emma's Hybrid freestanding tube mattress has 250 12cm freestanding cylinders per square meter and uses AeroFlex® technology to support the five areas of the body (head, shoulders, waist, thighs, feet) and is more breathable, whether sleeping on the side, lying on the stomach, or lying on the back, it can perfectly support the spine.


Diamond Degree® cooling technology

Emma Black Diamond Memory Pillow retains the exclusive three-layer memory foam design, you can also freely adjust the height and low, coupled with the luxurious Diamond Degree® cooling technology, you can enjoy clean and cool nights in Hong Kong's humid and sweltering weather!

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Designed and developed in Germany

We brought the best sleep experience from Europe directly to Hong Kong! Emma insists on using manufacturers that meet Germany's strict standards, so that customers around the world can enjoy the same quality of sleep.
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