The Emma Mattress Size Guide

No matter the size, each Emma mattress is engineered in Germany, using only the best materials. We work with some of the best scientists in Europe to offer you quality you can rely on.

Hong Kong Common Mattress Sizes


Sizes Offered by Emma


Emma Single Bed Mattresses


Dimensions 91 x 183 cm

Single Small

Recommended for: 1 person
This size is for a single sleeper. Perfect to be put in a smaller room as it does not take up too much space.

Dimensions 90 x 190 cm


Recommended for: 1 person
Standard Size. Suitable for a regular single bedroom

Dimension 107 x 183 cm

Single Super

Recommended for: 1 person
Offers ample room for people who flip and roll a lot during sleep, while not taking too much space

Dimension 122 x 183 cm


Recommended for: 1 person
The Twin mattress affords a little more space than the Single in width. This mattress size is great for people who might find smaller mattress sizes not spacious enough.

Double and Full Size Mattresses


Dimensions 137 x 190 cm

Double Super

Recommended for: Couple
The Double mattress allows two people to sleep on without taking too much space in the room. This mattress is one of the most popular and common sizes in Hong Kong for couples.

Dimensions 152 x 190 cm


Recommended for: Couple with young children and pets
This mattress size is spacious enough to fit two sleepers, possibly together with young children and pets. It’s a great option for a spacious bedroom.

Dimensions 180 x 200 cm


Recommended for: Couple with young children and pets
King size mattresses offer a large amount of space for two people to sleep comfortably. This mattress size is a great option for couples who like to snuggle up with their children and pets. This size tends to take up a fair amount of space, so is best for large bedrooms.