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More than 30 sleep scientists, neuroscientists, product designers and German engineers work together to create the perfect Emma mattress to transform your sleep experience and address your sleep problems. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in one of the most respected knitting mills in Europe and are rooted in science, ensuring that all of our claims are backed by scientific evidence.

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Beginnings of the Original

Established in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015, the Emma mattress was developed by our team of experts, including esteemed sleep scientists and researchers, after thorough and rigorous tests including the durability test, to ensure that the mattress is guaranteed to last several years through unparalleled longevity. The Emma Mattress provides basic spinal support and comfort with its foam technology for a better night’s sleep. Rolled and meticulously packed during the final phase of production, the Emma mattress is also adeptly compressed for convenient and space-efficient delivery, effortlessly reverting to its original form upon unboxing, safeguarding uncompromised quality. Moreover, this mattress has won multiple awards in Europe such as the Best in Testing award.
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Introduction of Hybrid to Hong Kong

Drawing inspiration from his academic tenure at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2013, Manuel discerned an opportunity to introduce Emma Mattress to the dynamic market of Hong Kong - thus, Emma was launched in Hong Kong in (2015). Addressing the region's demand for a firmer, more supportive mattress, Emma’s team of scientists and researchers developed the Hybrid mattress, which integrates both foam and infinity pocket springs to ensure support and comfort that is tailor fit to the Hongkong preference. The mattress was specifically designed to have a 7-zone foam that instantly adapts to the shape of your body to offer firm support for your back whilst cradling your hips and shoulders for a softer feel and individually-coiled pocket springs base to provide reduced motion experienced by you and your partner. Just like all our mattresses, the hybrid mattress underwent rigorous tests and has achieved an accuracy of 0.1, maximizing reliability of our products. An ergonomic test is used to verify the "pressure distribution" of the mattress and make sure that the mattress is excellent at distributing pressure and providing full body support to help you sleep comfortably throughout the night.
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Investment in Deep Sleep

Embracing a steadfast commitment to innovation, Emma's dedication is exemplified through the relentless pursuit of technological advancement. Leveraging on our cutting-edge testing facility and product development team, we recognized the pivotal role of temperature regulation in fostering deep sleep, which is the time during sleep when the body performs vital functions such as memory consolidation, cell regeneration, muscle, bones, tissue, and immune function strengthening. The time we spend in deep sleep affects how restored and refreshed we feel upon waking, and failure to get deep sleep may lead to low energy, poor focus, moodiness, and impaired memory during the day. The culmination of heavy investment to meticulous research, the Diamond mattress features Diamond Degree Technology, which absorbs moisture and dissipates heat away from the body, fostering a cooler night's sleep. The diamond degree layer is 5.84% more thermal effusive compared to our typical airgocell foam found in other mattresses. This regulates body temperature and facilitates the entry into deep sleep faster and longer, enhancing body regeneration and rejuvenation for peak performance during the day.
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雖然達到最佳睡眠溫度至關重要,但當一個人整晚輾轉反側時,過程中的摩擦仍然會嚴重影響睡眠質素,皆因它會中斷深度睡眠。在確保睡眠不受干擾的承諾推動下,Emma研發了最新的零重力床褥。當中最新的科技包括革命性的氣網技術,讓用家體驗有如睡在雲端般舒適的睡眠體驗。Gravity 床褥能瞬間適應身體的任何運動,有效地減少摩擦同干擾——讓您保持深度睡眠更長時間,讓您的身體有更持久穩定的回復時間,讓您第二天感覺清爽。AirGrid層中的多個孔洞能夠提供最佳的透氣性和空氣流動。這種材料的觸感也更涼爽,有助於您在入睡的初始階段更容易入睡。
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