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Sleep science is at the heart of our products.

More than 30 sleep scientists, neuroscientists, product designers and German engineers work together to create the perfect Emma mattress to transform your sleep experience and address your sleep problems. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in one of the most respected knitting mills in Europe and are rooted in science, ensuring that all of our claims are backed by scientific evidence.

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Ergonomic Testing

We rigorously test our products and have achieved an accuracy of 0.1, maximizing reliability of our products. An ergonomic test is used to verify the "pressure distribution" of the mattress and make sure that the mattress is excellent at distributing pressure and providing full body support to help you sleep comfortably throughout the night.
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Durability Test

A durability test is also conducted to measure the 'durability' of a mattress and ensure that the mattress has excellent durability and can last several years with you!
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Balance Test

Lastly, a balance test ensures the "stability" of the mattress, allowing a glass of wine to stand comfortably and not spill despite the mattress being bounced on for around 4.5 times.
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Innovative vacuum technology

The Emma mattress is rolled up in the last phase of the production process and roll-packed to allow for convenient and compact delivery. But don't worry, your Emma mattress quality will not be sacrificed as it will automatically inflate back to its original shape after unboxing.
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