Europe’s Most Awarded Sleep Brand

Unparalleled Quality with 100+ Awards Won

The Most Awarded Mattress Brand in Europe

The Most Awarded Mattress Brand in Europe

The Most Awarded Mattress Brand in Europe

The Most Awarded Mattress Brand in Europe

The Most Awarded Mattress Brand in Europe

The Most Awarded Mattress Brand in Europe

The Most Awarded Mattress Brand in Europe

The Most Awarded Mattress Brand in Europe

The Most Awarded Mattress Brand in Europe

The Most Awarded Mattress Brand in Europe

"Recommended by the Consumer Council of UK"; Which?, UK, 2022

Mattress Testing Process - Earned over 100 worldwide awards

Independent testing agencies tend to rely on a mix of test machines and test people to produce fair and unbiased mattress reviews. Though each of these facilities have their own way to put the mattresses through the ringer, there are some similar tests that each facility uses. This allows them to produce reviews that focus on things customers really care about.



In order to wake up feeling rested and pain-free, your mattress needs to be both supportive and pressure relieving. Many testing facilities use a test person and a test machine to measure how far the body sinks into the surface of the mattress and how well it keeps the sleepers spine aligned. A good mattress should keep your spine parallel to the surface and shouldn’t allow your body to sink in too deeply. To test how well the mattress isolates motion a large, stamp-like device applies pressure to one area of the mattress. If the mattress only compresses where the pressure was applied, then you won’t be disturbed by your partner tossing and turning next to you.

Ease of Use

Though most mattresses nowadays don’t need to be flipped, turning it once every three months helps keep the mattress in good condition and can increase its lifespan. In the ease of use category, testing agencies assess whether a mattress has handles, how heavy it is and how easy it is to turn. They also take a closer look at the structure of the mattress: It shouldn't be too soft, so that it bends when you pick it up, and it shouldn’t be too rigid that you cannot move it at all. Generally, if the mattress can be turned by one person it will receive a positive score in this category.


When you invest in a mattress, you want it to last as long as possible without the feel of it changing, it sagging or the supportive properties suffering. In order to test how durable a mattress is, a test machine is used: Heavy barrels are rolled across the mattress over and over again, simulating 10 years of use. Ideally, the firmness of the mattress should not have changed significantly, and the foams should not have sagged or became damaged during the testing process.

“Designed with all bodies in mind”

Good Design Award, 2021

Good Design Award discovers new things through screening, and broadly share the discoveries with the society through the use of G Mark, and thus build a bridge to the next innovation. Good Design Award praised Emma's advanced ergonomic cutout design which provides excellent support for all body types and sleeping positions. Our cover is also described as having snug fit, contemporary design, and is removable for easy care.
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“Best Mattress UK 2021”

Real Homes Rated Gold, 2021

Real Homes called the Emma Original "the best mattress you can buy - a real crowd pleaser". Real Homes lauded the zoned support, perfect temperature control and good motion transfer. And were not possible to point one reason for you to avoid it.
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“The best mattress for regulating temperature”

Wired Recommends, 2021

Wired Recommends the Emma Original as "the best mattress for regulation temperature". After testing the mattress, Wired claims Emma Original offers the elements of support and comfort someone could expect from a premium foam construction mattress. At the same time, it also keeps your body temperature even throughout the night.
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“Extremely comfortable and supportive, sleeping on the new Emma mattress is like a dream. Can there be a better mattress than this?”

T3, 2020

Praised for it’s exceptional comfort and support, the Emma Original mattress is recommended by T3 for all body shapes and sleeping styles. Due to the minimal motion transfer of the mattress, they further highlight the suitability for sleepers who move a lot during the night and do not want to disturb their partner.
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“There is no doubt that this is the UK’s leading mattress”

The Mattress Guide, 2020

The Emma Original received a glowing review from The Mattress Guide as well. This independent mattress testing facility gave it near perfect rantings in almost all of its nine categories. They noted that the standout features of the mattress are the exceptional durability and the comfort. The Mattress Guide also praised the breathability of the mattress, stating that unlike other memory foam mattresses, it would keep you cool.
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